Анна Комарова, директор Центра образования глухих и жестового языка ЖАРКОЕ ЛЕТО В ПАРИЖЕ Стыдно сказать – в Африке была, в Австралии несколько раз, Европа почти родная, а вот в Париже – не была! Три часа галопом давным-давно не считается. Поэтому не обсуждается, едем в Париж! Тем более, из последних восьми конгрессов ВФГ мною пропущен лишь один, о чем жалею до сих пор. Прилетели 13 июля, и восстанавливала заржавевший французский с таксистами, продавцами, консьержами и официантами. А … Read More »

WASLI Newsletter

Enjoy your WASLI newsletter. https://issuu.com/waslimedia/docs/wasli_newsletter__7_-_2018__version … Read More »

DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center

"Protactile philosophy has grown out of the realization that DeafBlind people’s intuitions about tactile communication are stronger than the intuitions sighted people have. This realization has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we work with interpreters, and more generally, the way we live. We call this way of life and the principles and practices that shape it, 'protactile.' " Jelica Nuccio and aj granda Introducing the second module in the DBI Module Series, brought to … Read More »


WFD AND WASLI STATEMENT ON USE OF SIGNING AVATARS WFD and WASLI Statement on Use of Signing Avatars from World Federation of the Deaf on Vimeo. WFD and WASLI have jointly developed a statement to express our concern about the way in which decisions on where and when to use signing avatars as a form of access to spoken or written content is being managed by public authorities. As signed languages are fully-fledged languages with their own complex structures that are distinct from spoken … Read More »

afsli 2017

  The African Federation of Sign Language Interpreters in partnership with the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters is asking for your help in realizing the dream of hosting the first African continental conference for the Deaf and Interpreting communities. The conference “Sign Language Interpreting and Deaf Rights in Africa” is scheduled to be held March 13th-17th in Abuja, Nigeria. The conference will bring together researchers in the field of sign language interpretation, … Read More »

International Translation Day 2015

International Translation Day  Sept 30 Dear Members Happy International Translation Day! The International Federation of Translators (FIT) created this celebration in 1991. As you know they are our most recent collaborative partner organisation. WASLI wants to thank them for starting this tradition and join in the celebration. Thank you, interpreters and translators from every WASLI region, for your commitment to exceptional service to the communities in which you live and work.  … Read More »

WASLI 2015 Conference

Welcome to WASLI 2015! We are so excited to launch our webpages for the conference. Please take time to explore the site and see what awaits you in Istanbul, Turkey from July 22-25, 2015! WASLI thanks each and every volunteer that has stepped forward and done their part to plan the conference - it will be one NOT to be missed! Thank you to each of you. So, please, consider this your personal invitation to join us for WASLI 2015. We look forward to seeing you … Read More »

WASLI Celebrates Collaborations in Africa

  "The April 12th 2014 , was held in Kinshasa meeting of extreme importance on the role and work of the interpreter in sign language in the DRC. At the end of the meeting, the foundations of a new association of interpreters of sign language in Congo Kinshasa were raised and so the core of the Congolese Federation of Interpreters Congolese Sign Language '' '' FCILS acronym to view the day. Composed of performers from different groups ( Training Centre , Schools, churches and so on. … Read More »

Thank You from Jack

A huge thank you to the 13 people who collectively donated US$745 to the WASLI Sponsorship fund, prompted by my 850km cycle ride from Bangkok to Phuket.  Donors came from Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UK and US.   Thank you, too, to all those who gave moral support to my ride by their "likes" and "postings" on Facebook.   Looking over those who received sponsorship funding in 2011, it is gratifying to see them taking important roles in the interpreting and deaf … Read More »