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“Protactile philosophy has grown out of the realization that DeafBlind people’s intuitions about tactile communication are stronger than the intuitions sighted people have. This realization has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we work with interpreters, and more generally, the way we live. We call this way of life and the principles and practices that shape it, ‘protactile.’ ” Jelica Nuccio and aj granda

Introducing the second module in the DBI Module Series, brought to you by the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training & Resource Center. An online, on-demand, asynchronous module series focusing on DeafBlind interpreting and the culture and linguistics of protactile ASL.
DBI Module 2: Protactile Principles
This online module outlines core principles of protactile communication. It also provides some background about how these principles were developed and how they are intended to be used as an educational resource. Videos and text descriptions are provided to illustrate proper application of the principles. This module is meant to pair with the recently published document, Protactile Principles.