Deaf Interpreters

The World Federation of the Deaf have a policy that Deaf Interpreters are part of the team that provide International Sign service at the WFD Congress. There are many Deaf people who work as interpreters in a range of settings.

WASLI supports Deaf people being able to train and work as interpreters.

This page brings you information from different countries about what is happening with Deaf Interpreters

National Deaf Center – Benefits of Deaf Interpreter. ASL, Subtitles available in English & Spanish | Subtítulos disponibles en español y inglés and English voice-over transcripción

Auslan and Deaf Interpreters transcripción

A Native-User Approach: The Value of Certified Deaf Interpreters in K-12 Settings ASL English transcripción

Benefits of Deaf Interpreter. ASL, English captions. transcripción

Separate Deaf Interpreter Associations or Inclusive and Collaborative Interpreting Associations for All?
WASLI’s Position Español

Deaf Interpreter Advisor Nigel Howard Plenary Presentation CIT 2014

Monografia Ricardo Boaretto FINAL


Deaf Interpreters by Patrick Boudreault

Deaf Interpreters by Judith Collins & John Walker
See – What is a Deaf Interpreter? WASLI Conference 2005

C, Stone (2007). Deaf Translators/Interpreters rendering process – the translation of oral languages.
The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter, 1(1), 53-72

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