Mission & Objectives

The aim of WASLI is to advance the profession of sign language interpreting worldwide.

In pursuit of the aim we will:

  • Encourage the establishment of national associations of sign language interpreters in countries that do not have them
  • Be a support network for existing national associations of sign language interpreters
  • Share information and be a reference point for interpreting issues, using the World Wide Web and other internationally accessible ways
  • Support the work of sign language interpreters working at international events, e.g. conferences, sporting events
  • Work in partnership with Deaf and Deafblind associations on sign language interpreting issues
  • Encourage research
  • Develop and promote standards for high quality training, education and assessment of sign language interpreters
  • Host conferences and seminars
  • Liaise with spoken language interpreter organisations and other organisations having common interests

WASLI Governing Document 2011