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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

WASLI does not sell or share your personal information. WASLI only collects information you provide including but not limited to NAME, IP address, PHONE, ADDRESS.

WASLI only collects information you give us and we use this information to contact you about information related to the interpreting community. You can always decline and WASLI will not contact you.

Our host and third party vendors like PayPal and Mail Chimp may collect information on you including but not limited to: NAME, IP address, PHONE, ADDRESS, and apply COOKIES to your computer. They may sell and or share your information as per their privacy statement.

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Website Use Disclosure

When you use the WASLI website the host company WASLI uses and other third party tools apply cookies to your computer. This assists with navigating our website and helps your computer remember which pages you viewed and the links you clicked. WASLI, the board members, wasli membership chair and the authorized volunteers do not track your use of the WASLI website. We are happy you visited and hope you return.

If you chose to visit the WASLI website you accept the use of cookies. You can decline the use of cookies and this will alter how your computer navigates the website.

WASLI will honor your request to delete your personal information.  Please contact WASLI send an email to WASLI and we will respond and purge your information.
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For information about data tracking and browser tracking and how to protect your information visit

We will change these terms and update info as needed.  When we change the Terms of Service and make changes to Privacy Policy, WASLI will notify with info on website and through social media.

Thank you for your support of WASLI in joining us in our mission to support and develop sign language profession world wide.

[updated 26 Jan 23]