Research & References

This page aims to link to research and references related to sign language interpreting.

Encouraging Research

One of the objectives of WASLI is to share information and be a reference on interpreting issues.   In order to achieve this objective, WASLI encourages research by providing researchers with the opportunity to collect data through the WASLI membership and networks, e.g., by distributing surveys or requests for participation in research studies.

Before providing this opportunity, however, the WASLI Executive needs to ensure that any research conducted with WASLI endorsement will contribute to the development of theoretical and/or practical insight into the signed languages profession.   Furthermore, that this research will be carried out ethically and will not have any detrimental effect on its members.

All researchers must submit an application to the WASLI Research Review Committee for approval.

View:  Research Application

Download:  For an application and further information click here (Word Document)

Ergonomics in Work Settings

NBTG – An investigation into the work/rest patterns of sign language interpreters’.  The full report is in Dutch but to read the summary:

ASLIA – Australian Sign Language Interpreter Association ASLIA National has compiled various reference lists on specialist areas, a generic interpreting recommended reference list, as well as a research catalogue of all research and publications from Australia.
To request these documents go to (Thanks to ASLIA)

Interpreting Resources

National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers:

Training resource for interpreters working with asylum seekers and refugees.

AUT Handbook for Interpreters in Asylum Procedures

Submitting information for this page

If you have RESEARCH & REFERENCES that you would like to share, then please send details together with the necessary links stating who should be acknowledged. 

Please ensure that you have permission for the RESEARCH & REFERENCES to be used on the WASLI website.   Please send to the Secretary