Jack Rides for WASLI Day Eight

Day Eight: Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: I have no idea how many donations have been made or how much has been raised during my bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket, but I hope friends and WASLI supporters are donating at www.wasli.org/donation Today was the penultimate day, a short ride of 90km to Khao Lak, which I thought we would have wrapped up between 08.00 and 11.00, but we took some diversions to the direct route, particularly to see the cemetery where the bodies of … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLI Day Seven

Day Seven: Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack:   After six days' riding, all us riders are complaining about sore backsides. Nothing we can do about it.  We are also finding the heat a challenge.  While official forecasts put the temperature at about 32C, we are riding in the full glare of the sun with hardly any cloud; we estimate it must be 40C.   I mentioned yesterday about the copious amounts of water we are consuming - me more than anyone else - but we never feel … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLI Day Six

            Day Six . . . Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: Today we rode from the Gulf of Thailand across the narrowest part of Southern Thailand to glimpse a view of Myanmar at the Isthmus of Kra and then down the spine of the peninsula that eventually becomes Malaysia and finally ends in Singapore. We travelled from the coast near Chumphon to Ranong in the west; most of the journey was on Highway 4.  On the way we had to negotiate … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLi Day 5

            Day Five . . . Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: What we thought was going to be a daunting ride turned out to be a fairly fast ride on (for the most part) good undulating roads with little traffic.  For about 10km out in the country, we were riding on specially created cycle lanes,  with appropriate markings and unique coloured bitumen. At least 2m wide.  Would put many cities to shame.   We were moving away from the … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLI Day 4

            Day Four . . . Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: Today was a rest day at Ban Krut and time to reflect on the purpose behind the sponsorship you are being asked to support. The four faces are examples of several African interpreters who were sponsored to attend the last WASLI conference and have since shown leadership in their own countries. So hats off to Obed Kasanka Mambwe (Zambia), Awoii Patrick Michael (Uganda), Yahya Jabbi … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLi Day 3

     Day Three . . . Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: Shorter ride today. Began with a ride through the Defence Forces base near Prachuap Khiri Khan with the opportunity to feed some of the local monkeys.  Then off we went through the coconut plantations, before doing another few miles on the main highway. Every so often, the support van, which follows us all the way, speeds up and stops ahead with a spread of fresh fruit including pineapples, water melon, dragon fruit etc, … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLi Day 2

Day Two . . . Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: Riding to promote sponsorship for developing country interpreters to attend WASLI 2015. Early start as we headed out of Hua Hin just after 08.00.  During the morning's ride, we continued to encounter moderate headwinds, but the scenery was spectacular as we entered Sam Roi Yot (300 peaks) National Park, with many limestone formations and freshwater marshes between the peaks. Many shrimp farms along the way. Some of the journey was on the … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLI Day 1

Day one of my Bangkok to Phuket bicycle ride promoting www.wasli.org/donation to fundraise for interpreters from developing countries to get to the WASLIU 2015 conference.   Early start as we picked up the other four riders from hotels around Bangkok.  Drove out of the city and then our ride began.  Short day.  About 60km. But head winds or strong side winds most of the way as we rode around the northwest curve of the Gulf of Thailand.  Long straight roads with endless salt beds on … Read More »

Call for Papers 2015

The WASLI 2015 Scientific Committee is seeking submissions for papers for the 2015 WASLI conference. The overall theme of the conference is Human Rights: where do interpreters fit in? We invite papers on a wide variety of topics, in different formats, and presenters from around the world with various backgrounds. The conference encourages the sharing of ideas for collaboration across countries, cultures, and languages from consumers, practitioners, educators, and … Read More »

WASLI 2011 conference proceedings

Buy your copy of the WASLI 2011 conference proceedings at http://wasli.org/your-wasli/publications . Showcases the great presentations at Durban! … Read More »