WASLI Celebrates Collaborations in Africa




“The April 12th 2014 , was held in Kinshasa meeting of extreme importance on the role and work of the interpreter in sign language in the DRC.

At the end of the meeting, the foundations of a new association of interpreters of sign language in Congo Kinshasa were raised and so the core of the Congolese Federation of Interpreters Congolese Sign Language ” ” FCILS acronym to view the day.

Composed of performers from different groups ( Training Centre , Schools, churches and so on. ) Who work together with deaf peoples, all of them are determined to enhance the business interpreter in sign language and advocate for the promotion of sign language .

After this great stage, FCILS proposes to organize a big meeting with the performers of the city and heads of institutions and associations working with deaf to present these projects.

Please find attached photos in co -founders of the Congolese Federation of Sign Language Interpreters .

Best regards

Jacques kabamba