WASLI Report Refugee Crisis in Europe Interpreting

1st WASLI Report Refugee Crisis in Europe Interpreting https://youtu.be/MHLWQPbGX2A As we know Europe is supporting refugees from Ukraine. Thanks to our European Regional Representative dr. Prof. Christian Rathmann we can share first hand information on the current situation. 1ST WASLI REPORT - REFUGEE CRISIS IN EUROPE INTERPRETING English translation by Ramas McRae and Rebecca Ladd Ukrainian Translation by Igor Chavrot Spanish Translation by Sergio Zurita Russian … Read More »

Newsletter Nov 2021

https://issuu.com/waslimedia/docs/wasli-newsletter-nov-2021 Download November Newsletter 2021 pdf … Read More »

WASLI Newsletter August 2021

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Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2020-2021 … Read More »

International Sign Conference

International Sign Conference Interpreting and Translation: Current Issues Download pdf … Read More »