Jack Rides for WASLI Day 1

Day one of my Bangkok to Phuket bicycle ride promoting www.wasli.org/donation to fundraise for interpreters from developing countries to get to the WASLIU 2015 conference.   Early start as we picked up the other four riders from hotels around Bangkok.  Drove out of the city and then our ride began.  Short day.  About 60km. But head winds or strong side winds most of the way as we rode around the northwest curve of the Gulf of Thailand.  Long straight roads with endless salt beds on … Read More »

Call for Papers 2015

The WASLI 2015 Scientific Committee is seeking submissions for papers for the 2015 WASLI conference. The overall theme of the conference is Human Rights: where do interpreters fit in? We invite papers on a wide variety of topics, in different formats, and presenters from around the world with various backgrounds. The conference encourages the sharing of ideas for collaboration across countries, cultures, and languages from consumers, practitioners, educators, and … Read More »

WASLI 2011 conference proceedings

Buy your copy of the WASLI 2011 conference proceedings at http://wasli.org/your-wasli/publications . Showcases the great presentations at Durban! … Read More »

Turkey Pre-Conference Workshops

The 2015 WASLI conference will offer pre‐conference workshops for 1.5 days before the conference. The workshops will allow more interactive exploration of topics that support development of interpreting skills and services around the world. Submit your proposal now for the pre-conference workshops at the 2015 WASLI conference in Turkey! Your application is due April 1, 2014. Please email Rachel McKee with any questions. … Read More »

Reflecting and Looking Forward…

Greetings   As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on our national and individual members who have helped to shape our organization in some most significant ways. We value our relationships with you and look forward to having you enrich our organization with your contributions in the years to come. We wish you a very happy Festive Season and a New Year filled with peace, tranquility, health and prosperity. Debra Russell on behalf of … Read More »

WFD WASLI Response

Dear Global Signing Community   Dec 10, 2013 saw world leaders, South African citizens, and people from around the globe, pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and honour his life.  Unfortunately, the event was marred by an interpreting scandal that gained the attention of the global media.  Based on that event, WFD and WASLI issued a joint statement, stressing the need for all governments to use qualified and professionally trained interpreters in order to meet the UN CRPD requirements.  … Read More »

Invitation to join WFD 2015

Hello WASLI members:  Our colleagues in Turkey have asked us to share this invitation with you!  If you are planning to attend WASLI in Turkey is 2015, now is the time to also consider taking in the WFD Congress.  See below:     Dear Participants, As a president of the organization committee, I am honoured to announce that 17th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) will be held from 28th July to 2nd August 2015 at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC), … Read More »