For WASLI Conference 2011



We’re pleased to announce Colin Allen as the Conference  keynote presenter. More information here.

We’re also pleased to announce that the president of the World Federation of the Deaf,Markku Jokinen, will open the conference. More information here (scroll to 1 January 2011).

As in previous years, the programme will feature Country Reports in which one delegate from each country present gives a brief presentation on the situation in their country.  Please click on the following links to access and download the guide to what is expected this time:


(Scroll to the end for the accepted Poster Displays)

Thursday 14 July 2011
Morning Breakfast
 09.30 – 13.30 














WASLI General Members’ MeetingWelcome


Approve Minutes of WASLI General Membership Meeting 2007

Matters Arising

WASLI Review 2007-2011

Approve Officers Report, Regional Representatives Report, Financial Report

Explanation of Procedures for Proposals and Amendments

TEA/COFFEE BREAK (Time will be given for WASLI Regions to meet)




Presentation of the new WASLI Board



Afternoon Lunch
 15.00 – 17.30 








Opening ceremony:Liz Scott Gibson (WASLI President)

Nomvuzo Shabalala (Deputy Mayor of Durban / eThekwini)

Markku Jokinen (WFD President)

Bruno Druchen (National Director, DeafSA)

Sanja Tarczay (WFDB Representative)

KEYNOTE PRESENTER: Think Globally, Act Locally

Colin Allen (Director of Services, Deaf Society of NSW, Australia) 


19.00 – 20.30 Cocktail Party (on the Pool deck facing the ocean) and time for Regional meetings. (Your own dinner arrangements.)
Friday 15 July 2011
Morning Session






3 Presentations1. Mark Wheatley (EUD) & Maya de Wit (efsli) – Joint cooperation: The only way forward

2Arun Rao (India) – He is Dimp and Duff! – The Challenges of Interpreting in India 

3Awoii Patrick Micheal (Uganda) – A Glimpse at Development of Sign Language Interpretation in Uganda

Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

10.30 Morning Tea/Coffee break





3 Presentations 1Robert Adam (UK) – Do we agree on the role of a Deaf interpreter? 

2. Maria Cristina Pires Pereira / Ângela Russo (Brazil) – Person Reference During Sign Language Interpreted Conversations

3. Christopher Stone (UK) & Debra Russell (Canada) – Interpreting in International Sign: Decisions of Deaf and non-deaf Interpreters

Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

12.30 Lunch
Afternoon Session






3 Presentations 1. Paul Bartlett & Stuart Anderson (UK) – Developing “Deaf Interpreting” training and assessment frameworks

2. Rachel McKee (NZ), Della Goswell & Jemina Napier (Australia) – Expanding horizons: A collaborative model for the delivery of one interpreter education programme in two countries 

3. Angela Murray (NZ) & Joneti Rokotuibau (Fiji) – Working together to support the Solomon Islands: An emerging Deaf and interpreting community

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

15.30 Afternoon Tea/Coffee Break





3 Presentations 1. Jemina Napier (Australia) – 6-Up: Research on signed language interpreting in Australia

2. Jordi Ferré (Spain) & Meliton Bustinza (Chile) – Collaboration between interpreters 

3. Hend Al-Showaier (Saudi Arabia) – Sign Language Interpreting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from a Deaf user Perspective

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

Evening Free to enjoy dinner along Durban’s beachfront Golden Mile.
Saturday 16 July 2011
Morning Session




2 Presentations 1. Harumi Kimura & Noriko Miyazawa (Japan) – Training for more liberal translation; from the lessons of interpreting course in Japan 

2. Ananda van der Walt and Trudie Theunissen (South Africa) – Deaf interpreter training in South Africa: A Pilot Project 

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

10.30 Morning Tea/Coffee break






3 Presentations1. Christian Ramirez (Costa Rica) – The Committee of International Cooperation for Bible Translation in Sign Languages (CICBTSL): What does this organization work?

2. Elizabeth Mendoza (USA) – Thinking Through Ethics: The Development of Ethical Decision-Making Among Sign Language Interpreters

3. Paul Michaels (UK) – Interpreting for the Deaf gay community: perceptions of interpreting in the LGBT community from the perspective of interpreters and their consumers

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

12.30 Lunch
Afternoon Session






2 Presentations 1. Len Roberston, Debra Russell (both Canada) & Risa Shaw (USA) – Current Practices in Signed Language Interpreting in Legal Settings in North America

2. Soya Mori (Japan) – IS Interpreter in Asia and Pacific region: From experience as IS Interpreter for JICA-JFD Deaf leadership training programme

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

15.30 Afternoon Tea/Coffee break





3 Presentations 1. Tessa Padden & Clare Canton (UK) – Deaf Interpreters Breaking Through 

2. Della Goswell (Australia) – Not reinventing the wheel: borrowing other codes of ethics 

3. Odette Belinda Swift (South Africa) – Exploring the roles of post-secondary educational SASL interpreters

 Country Reports: Order to be confirmed

19.00 – 00.00 Closing Banquet

* subject to minor alterations and time adjustments



Barry-Alan Davey (UK) Tactile British Sign Language, where is it?
Laura A. Kümmel Frydrych & Luiza Milano Surreaux (Brazil) Sign Language transcription: an enunciative approach
Neiva De Aquino Alres (Brazil) The production of research and scientific articles as a device for critical reflection in training interpreters of Portuguese and Brazilian Sign Language – LIBRAS
Nicole Montagna (USA) WASLI Documentary 2002-2007Spoken English introduction, people in the video are mostly speaking English, and using International Sign. Video will have English subtitles and audio description throughout
Sunada Takeshi (Japan) About JIIGA (Japan International Sign Language Interpreters & Guides Association)
Anderson Almeida Da Silva (Brazil) The Use of Linear and Three Dimensional Transcription Systems: An experienced analysis in the training course for LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) soeakers at the intermediate level (Teresina – P1 – Brazil)
José Ednilson Gomes de Souza- Junior & Flávia Medeiros Álvaro Machado (Brazil) Is Translated an Interpreting?
Lolie Makhubu (South Africa) Promotion of South African Sign Language at Durban University of Technology