Unsolicited comments from delegates

I would want to express my gratitude for the support you gave me before, during and after the conference. You have done a commendable work for organising such a high profile event.

Si super gratificante la experiencia

I really appreciate the role you played for me to participate in such a wonderful conference. I will never forget it. Now I have an insight on how best I can work with the deaf people.

Thank you very much for the organization and for the great moment we have spent together. I grasped a lot of experiences from that conference. One very important thing for me to be there is to bring Madagascar joining the interpreter team of Africa and of all the world. And I must say that I would miss a big opportunity if I did not come there. But all of that was not possible without your support. Thank you.
Thank you for everything “Siyabonga kakhulu, ningadinwa nangomuso!”
Just want to write to say big thank you to the assistance you gave me before travelling to SA.  The conference was invaluable and i have come back to work full of  enthusiasm and ready to take the interpreting services to the next level.
Thank you so much for the contacts.  This will help us keep intouch and achieve our dreams.
You did a marvellous job and you should be pleased that it was such a humdinger of a conference.
I consider the Durban conference as a breakthrough for Africa, because in spite of beingneighbours, many of us have not met.  It is better to keep these contacts, and keeping activeour contacts, especially for the Southern African region, I would urge greater collaboration, because we were part of the same fight, and then we have to cooperate.
Thanks for the well-organized and knowledge-filled programme!!

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you and the delegates at the conference here in Durbs! Thank you for everything. Unfortunately, I missed the African delegates meeting and photo shoot, well it’s one of those things at a conference.

Thank you very much for the certificate – fantastic admin services, following a great conference 🙂

Indeed the conference exposed us to new learning and making of friends.  Lets work together for the good of our continent.  By 2015 we should have tangible outcomes to present to WASLI from the African region.

I’m incredibly glad that I had an opportunity to attend the WASLI Conference in Durban, for which I thank all those who supported me in this.
It has been such a great moment for me to have attended  both the WASLI and the WFD in south Africa. It has such a good time of meeting people and also learning much from all the different presentations. I feel am so packed with information.

Thank you for your every work for the conference. I enjoyed it very much.

It was a week of great learning for me and I am very lucky to be able to attend the WASLI conference.

It was a splendid outing in Durban and the conference has exposed me to wide range of experience in the field. We remain indebted to many of us that still share in the goals and vision for the greatness of Africa interpreters. In unity we can address our diversity and improve the profession of sign language interpreters in our continent.

Thank you all for making the trip to Durban such a wonderful and successful one. I trust that my home city refreshed you all and opened your eyes to the possibilities! I am SOOOOOOO excited by the things that are already happening on our beautiful continent and look forward to continued collaboration and sharing among all of us.

Congratulations again on a job well done.

I would like to thank WASLI for organising such a wonderful conferance in Durban 2011 It was a great pleasure attending especially as it was my first time. In less than a week I have learned a lot and I am looking foward to attending conferences/gatherings more in the near future.

Thanks again for a wonderful conference. Well done!!!

The week in Durban was just wonderful.  I enjoyed our board meeting of course and the conference was amazing.  All my colleagues who were first timers to WASLI loved it as well!!!

After WASLI, I proceeded on to WFD it was such a woderfuland inspiring conference for both deaf people and the Interpreters. Remember our continent has much to offer to the world with its rich diversities and the rich African culture, However, to achieve greatness and professionalism in the field of interpretation, it is through unity and working with one mind set that we will reach our set goals as interpreters from the African region.
I can not keep quiet for the great moment that we have all spent together in Durban. I must thank you all for sharing. For me, it was a begining