Welcome from our President!

Hello and welcome to our new and exciting WASLI website.

My name is Deb Russell and I am your WASLI President.

On this website you will find a great deal of information about online casino in österreich.  For example, there is information about our vision and goals.  WASLI’s goal is to promote and support the development of interpreters around the world.  For example, some countries do not yet have interpreter associations or interpreter training, so WASLI works to encourage those countries to create national interpreter associations.  We also work to promote strong working ties between national interpreter associations and national Deaf associations, in the same way that WASLI and the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) work together.

On this website we are excited to share information about WASLI’s work to date, including out history, goals and our governing and policy documents.  You may be struggling with and issue and the documents might be helpful to you in lobbying your governments for change.  You can also join WASLI through this website  – either as a national association or as an individual member.  WASLI hopes you enjoy this website.  Thank you.