WASLI Membership 2016


Hello WASLI friends,

Welcome to 2016! Our 2016 yearly membership calendar begins with the New Year.


Beginning January 2016, we will be accepting WASLI memberships for the 2016 calendar year. You can access our membership page at: https://wasli.org/membership and apply for individual, national or organization membership.
As mentioned in previous communications, WASLI has made its membership fees easier than ever to pay. Our PayPal sites have been updated and are ready to go.
As a WASLI member you contribute to WASLI’s efforts towards the establishment of sign language interpreter associations in countries where there are none. WASLI works to share resources with emerging countries and to establish regional networks of interpreters.

WASLI believes in working closely with and having transparent communication between interpreter and Deaf organizations, at the local, national, regional and international levels.

To learn more about the benefits of WASLI membership, see this article by WASLI’s President, Debra Russell:


Thank you,
Dee Collins

Membership Coordinator

WASLI – World Association of Sign Language Interpreters

Email: membership@wasli.org