Invitation to join WFD 2015

Hello WASLI members:  Our colleagues in Turkey have asked us to share this invitation with you!  If you are planning to attend WASLI in Turkey is 2015, now is the time to also consider taking in the WFD Congress.  See below:



Dear Participants,

As a president of the organization committee, I am honoured to announce that 17th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) will be held from 28th July to 2nd August 2015 at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC), Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish National Federation of the Deaf (TNFD) has the honour of hosting the Conference and the memorable events along. It is worth mentioning that this event occurs for the first time in Istanbul, a city that has hosted diverse cultures for centuries with an outstanding history of 8.000 years. It is the only city in the world built on two continents and it’s fate has been determined by it’s vital strategic location and enchanting natural beauty.

Expecting an attendance of up to 3.000 delegates, Conference will be one of the largest gatherings of deaf and hard of hearing people. Delegates will include deaf people, their family members, friends, professionals and academics working in the deaf sector.
With the already given support by our dear Minister of Family and Social Policies of the Turkish Republic, Fatma Ş AHİN; Congress has received a firm endorsement and for sure will be providing and raising awareness.

Being held in the center of the city, the Conference program will be consisting of knowledge, training, research and unforgettable social events.

It will be a unique opportunity for sponsors wishing to showcase cutting-edge social responsibility, equity and diversity programs and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exhibit products that improve equality for deaf people to wide international audience.

We are looking forward to present you the opportunities provided via this magnificent World Federation of the Deaf Conference to be organized in Istanbul.

President – The Turkish National Federation of the Deaf (TNFD)
Chairperson – Organization Committee
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