Interpreting Status Report from Serbia

Viribus Unitis Foundation in cooperation with the City Organization of the Deaf of Belgrade (GOGB) has published ”The report on the position of the Deaf community in Serbia in the field of media, availability of interpreting services and education“. The authors of the report are Desanka Žižić (WASLI regional representative), Vera Jovanović and Uroš Mišljenović. The report was created within the project: „Exchange of experience – media development for the deaf people”, under the auspices of theInternational Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.

This report has been compiled in order to familiarise the general and concerned public with the position of deaf people in Serbia. It focuses on three fields which represent particularly important indicators of the degree of engagement of the deaf in broader social circles. These are: receiving and broadcasting information in sign language through the media, availability of interpreting services and the accessibility of education in sign language.

We hope that the Report and the recommendations will contribute to our joint efforts to improve the quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing people and ensure they are actively involved in all aspects of life.

The authors of the report express gratitude to the deaf persons who have participated in focus groups. By giving their personal testimonies and expressing their attitudes and opinions this report does not contain only the theory but also the review of the situation from the perspective of directly concerned people. Furthermore, we express gratitude to our collocutors – representatives of institutions, associations of the deaf, interpreters, representatives of the media with whom we have organized the interviews. The collected data assisted the authors in perceiving the practical problems more thoroughly.
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