2015 General Meeting Report

Dear WASLI National Members, Conference Delegates, and Individual Members:
We are pleased to offer the WASLI 2015 General Meeting Package in order to help you prepare for the General Meeting on Saturday July 25 at 9 am at Istanbul, Turkey.
If you are a National Association you are eligible to vote, if your association is paid member. As in other conference years, you will be allowed to join and pay the membership fee, if you can provide your constitution and/or bylaws for review.  If you are doing this, please drop off your application AND constitution documents at the WASLI conference office PRIOR to Friday, June 24, 2015.  Your constitution does NOT have to be translated into English as our volunteer translators and interpreters will help us to review the documentation.
Please assign your vote to a delegate attending the conference. If your association does not have a a delegate, you may send a video greeting to be played at the meeting, and you can assign your vote to another association. If you are assigning your vote to another association, please confirm this arrangement by emailing the President at  president.wasli@gmail.com. If you are sending a video message, please send the link to president.wasli@gmail.com before July 23, 2015.
If you are an individual member, you are welcome to attend the meeting, however only national members can vote.
The minutes of the previous WASLI 2011 conference will come to you in a separate message.
Thank you for your commitment to advancing the profession of sign language interpreting, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Happy Reading!
Debra Russell
President, WASLI