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Dec 10, 2013 saw world leaders, South African citizens, and people from around the globe, pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and honour his life.  Unfortunately, the event was marred by an interpreting scandal that gained the attention of the global media.  Based on that event, WFD and WASLI issued a joint statement, stressing the need for all governments to use qualified and professionally trained interpreters in order to meet the UN CRPD requirements.  Deaf associations and interpreter associations from a multitude of countries joined in the response and participated in raising awareness of the profession of interpreter, qualifications and training necessary and the ways in which governments and society must learn from this event.  As WASLI becomes aware of these statements, we have assembled them here.  Feel free to contribute statements from your country.  Send to:

Joint Statement from WFD and WASLI

WFD and WASLI Press Release FINAL 12 Dec 2013

AVLIC- avlic

CAD- CAD Press Release South Africa Mandela EN

CAD French- cad french

NAD- The National Association of the Deaf

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Deaf Australia and ASLIA- interpreter at mandela memorial service

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