Some countries have been developing ways to support each in their work as interpreters. One important development is mentoring.
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A number of national interpreting associations have developed mentoring programmes as a means to support interpreters in their work.

This page does not prescribe how you should mentor interpreters but rather it offers range of links and references to various national association and related websites that may be helpful to you.

WASLI thanks those national associations and related organisations that have given permission for links to be made to their websites.

Mentoring Programmes

ASLI – Association of Sign Language Interpreters for England, Wales & Northern Ireland

RID – Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

RID has a standard practice paper on mentoring.  NOTE: All standard practice papers are in the process of being updated.


We offer “mentoring grants” to affiliate chapters on a yearly basis.

Click here to go to the search facility on the RID website where you will be able to find information about mentoring.

These programs have been highlighted in various issues of VIEWS. This year, RID seeks to continue the program for the seventh year. Local chapters and SIGS are encouraged to work with the affiliate chapters in a joint effort. Additionally, private or public organizations may work with the affiliate chapters as well.

The goals of the Mentorship Challenge Grants are: 1) to increase the skills of new interpreters in the field, and 2) to expand the number of interpreters from minority or underserved populations.

This program demonstrates the association’s support for developing competencies with promising new colleagues in the field and to its commitment to the long range goal of increasing diversity in the discipline. The RID Board of Directors will determine grant awards.