Deafblind Interpreting

WASLI Deafblind Interpreting Committee

Mission: The committee is committed to the development of Deafblind sign language interpreting on a global scale through collaboration with Deafblind communities to provide information, resources, and connections.

Goal 1: EDUCATION—Increase and enhance Deafblind interpreter education and training worldwide


  • Assist countries to include Deafblind interpreting topics in their interpreter education programs
  • Increase training and professional development opportunities for Deafblind interpreting in countries without interpreter education programs
  • Promote the inclusion of Deafblind people as interpreter educators
  • Identify and share between countries best practices for Deafblind interpreter education and training

Goal 2: ACCESS—Elevate awareness of Deafblind interpreting at conferences on a global scale


  • Increase the number of Deafblind presenters and topics at conferences
  • Assist countries with making their conferences accessible to Deafblind attendees
  • Advocate for equal pay and working conditions for interpreters working with Deafblind people at conferences

WASLI DeafBlind Interpreter Education Guidelines

The WASLI Deafblind Interpreter Education Guidelines document represents a collaborative effort on the part of Deafblind, Deaf, and hearing people who are interpreters, consumers, educators, students, and researchers from around the world.  Those involved in creating the document come from both the WASLI Deafblind Interpreting Committee as well as from various Deafblind communities.  Some contributed information regarding their countries’ approaches to Deafblind interpreter education, while others served as writers and editors.  Individual contributions are noted below.


Association of the Swedish Deaf-Blind

Barry-Alan Davey, UK

Deafblind South Africa

José Alberto Nino Fernandez, Spain

Martha Miranda, South Africa

Ximena Serpa, Colombia

Kelli Stein, US

Michelle Stevens, Australia

Sanja Tarczay, Croatia

Ananda van der Walt, South Africa

Dennis Witcombe, Australia


Writers and editors

Kelli Stein, US

Rhonda Jacobs, US

Jamie Pope, US

Patrick Galasso, US