WFD-WASLI International Sign Interpreters

WASLI is a membership organisation aimed at advancing the profession of sign language interpreting worldwide.

We do not offer or provide signed language interpreting services.
For those partners looking for International Sign <-> English, Spanish, French interpreters we kindly redirect you to the WFD-WASLI IS Accredited Interpreters list.

Application Cohorts are accepted periodically through the year. Return here for updates and wasli social media.

To begin your application process you will need to collect the following information and documents.

Portfolio of Evidence  

  1. Curriculum Vitae. 
  2. Copies of certificates of general educational qualifications (school certificates, college or university diplomas or degrees).   
  3. Copies of national interpreter qualifications (training, accreditation or recognition)**.  Complete the template in Appendix A to list the trainings you have attended. 
  4. Copy of certificate of attendance at IS interpreter training event. Complete the template in Appendix B to list the trainings you have attended or submit a 200-word justification (written English and in International Sign)* about why training has not been attended.
  5. Two (2) x letters of recommendation from deaf consumers who have experience working with your IS interpreting.
  6. Two (2) x letters of recommendation from IS interpreters who have been employed by either WASLI or the WFD.
  7. A letter of recommendation from national deaf or interpreting agents (i.e. associations, representative bodies, private companies).
  8. Logbook of contracted IS interpreting bookings. Fifty (50) days for hearing practitioners and 25 days for
  9. deaf practitioners (where a day is 3 or more hours of continuous interpreting)**. Complete the template in Appendix D to list your bookings.
  10. One (1) video sample for Interpretation Task 1 (English to International Sign) – for both hearing and deaf practitioners
  11. One (1) video sample for Interpretation Task 2 (International Sign to English) – for hearing practitioners only

*Provide video URL link (i.e. vimeo, YouTube, or any other video-sharing website) for documents that require International Sign.   

** We acknowledge that opportunities vary from country to county. As such, applicants who are unable to submit this document will be considered on a case by case basis.   

The WASLI-WFD International Sign Accreditation Applications is Closed.

Applications will be accepted again in 2024– to be determined