Jack Rides for WASLI Day Six


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Day Six . . .
Jack rides for WASLI:
From Jack:

Today we rode from the Gulf of Thailand across the narrowest part of Southern Thailand to glimpse a view of Myanmar at the Isthmus of Kra and then down the spine of the peninsula that eventually becomes Malaysia and finally ends in Singapore.

We travelled from the coast near Chumphon to Ranong in the west; most of the journey was on Highway 4.  On the way we had to negotiate highway construction works as they enlarge the two lane highway to a four lane highway.  We also got caught up in the middle of a procession of young men going forward to be Buddhist monks.  A highlight was to be the Punyaban waterfall, but bring the dry season, there was barely a trickle of water.

Arriving in Ranong as rush hour approached, we negotiated cars, motor scooters and bikes through narrow streets to our hotel.    Our leader, Krik, blows on his whistle and manages to clear the way for us!

The distance today was longer than anticipated – 146km – which is more than I have ever ridden in a day before. Tomorrow is a shorter ride, only 125km. After midday, the heat becomes fairly oppressive and we are consuming vast quantities of water, electrolytes, fruit and biscuits at our mini-breaks.  Somehow, I found the energy to sprint away from my fellow-riders over the last 5km, much to their surprise and mine!