Jack Rides for WASLI Day Seven


Scene along the way

Day Seven:

Jack rides for WASLI:

From Jack:


After six days’ riding, all us riders are complaining about sore backsides. Nothing we can do about it.  We are also finding the heat a challenge.  While official forecasts put the temperature at about 32C, we are riding in the full glare of the sun with hardly any cloud; we estimate it must be 40C.


I mentioned yesterday about the copious amounts of water we are consuming – me more than anyone else – but we never feel the need for a toilet stop during the day’s ride.


Today’s ride took us further south, passing through towns and villages, traveling through jungle clad hills.  Ah! Hills.  Just when you least expect it, another one appears around a bend in the road. The downhill breeze is welcome.


Two of my fellow riders took to the support van after the morning’s ride, one succumbing to her butt and the other to the sun.  But the end of the day brought us to this quaint resort in a jungle setting.  As I write this, we have just finished an excellent dinner, and being totally exhausted, I am off to bed early for a good night’s rest.  Happily, a much shorter ride tomorrow.

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