Jack Rides for WASLi Day NINE!








Day Nine:
Jack rides for WASLI:
From Jack

We arrived at our destination in Phuket this afternoon; after eight  days riding and nine days after leaving Bangkok, we have completed our journey of 850kms. A challenge for the five of us and one that we all achieved successfully. What will be th

e enduring memory? Probably the heat. The pain – in the legs, the back, the hands and the butt – will fade. What will remain is the setting of a goal and attaining it. More reminiscing when I get home to Brisbane on Wednesday.

For today, I leave you with two p

hotos, one of our last break, where you can see we had heaps of fruit, iced drinks, energydrinks, biscuits to refuel us, and the final shot of the team. Rin (left) and Krit (front centre) were our support crew, driver and leader respectively from SpiceRoads. The other riders were from Seattle, Paris and Singapore.
Donations to www.wasli.org/donate have yet to reach US$1 per km; if you can, please follow the link and make a donation for the 2015 WASLI Conference sponsorship fund.

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