Jack Rides for WASLi Day 5

beach at half-way

Beach rest half-way.


Half-way mark.







Day Five . . .
Jack rides for WASLI:
From Jack:

What we thought was going to be a daunting ride turned out to be a fairly fast ride on (for the most part) good undulating roads with little traffic.  For about 10km out in the country, we were riding on specially created cycle lanes,  with appropriate markings and unique coloured bitumen. At least 2m wide.  Would put many cities to shame.


We were moving away from the coast for some of the time and it seemed as if our ride was turning into an agricultural tour as we passed by many of the commodities grown for home and export consumption – sweet potatoes, oil palms and rubber trees.


On the rides nearer the coast, we saw boats tied up at piers at the mouths of small rivers.  Probably need high tide to get the boats out to see, where they spend the night fishing for squid, with green lights hanging over the side to attract the squid.  At night, the horizon looks like a highway with green lights with so many boats out.


Four days riding done, four more to go.  The distance marker at our overnight accommodation suggests we have covered half the distance.  Time for a stroll along the almost deserted Nana beach as the sun set on the other side of the country; sea water was warm and clear.


I’m riding to promote the WASLI sponsorship fund at www.wasli.org/donation.  Please make a donation, however small.  It all helps. Thanks!