Jack Rides for WASLI Day 4

WASLI Sponsored Interpreters

WASLI Sponsored Interpreters

VGD bandana

Turtle Bandana







Day Four . . .
Jack rides for WASLI:
From Jack:

Today was a rest day at Ban Krut and time to reflect on the purpose behind the sponsorship you are being asked to support. The four faces are examples of several African interpreters who were sponsored to attend the last WASLI conference and have since shown leadership in their own countries. So hats off to Obed Kasanka Mambwe (Zambia), Awoii Patrick Michael (Uganda), Yahya Jabbi (Gambia) and Timothy Tinat (Nigeria). You can find them all on Facebook.

Ahead of the ride, a couple of kind people handcrafted bandanas for me. The photo is one by VGD depicting the turtles that come to Mai Khao Beach on Phuket to lay their eggs. There is also an active breeding programme there and some baby turtles are due for release in a few weeks.

With bodies rested, we are set for a ride of 118km tomorrow.