Deaf Interpreters

WASLI supports the notion of Deaf people being able to train and work as interpreters. The welcome in International Sign is by Juan Carlos Druetta, a Deaf Interpreter from Argentina.


The World Federation of the Deaf have a policy that Deaf Interpreters are part of the team that provide the International Sign service at the WFD Congress. There are many Deaf people who work as interpreters in a range of settings.

This page brings you information from different countries about what is happening with Deaf Interpreters

RID – Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Deaf Interpreter Institute

Standard Practice of a Deaf Interpreter

England, Wales & Northern Ireland 
ASLI – Association of Sign Language Interpreters for England, Wales & Northern Ireland

Deaf Interpreters Network

Relevant References

Certified Deaf Interpreters- Facebook

Deaf Interpreters by Patrick Boudreault

Deaf Interpreters by Judith Collins & John Walker
See – WASLI 2005 Conference Proceedings (Douglas McLean Publishing (2006)

C, Stone (2007). Deaf Translators/Interpreters rendering process – the translation of oral languages.
The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter, 1(1), 53-72

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