Open Letter Collaboration

Dear WASLI members, The following letter is an example of the collaborative work we are engaged in on important issues such as interpreters working in conflict zones. Warm regards Deb Russell Open Letter to Turkish President … Read More »

2015 General Meeting Report

Dear WASLI National Members, Conference Delegates, and Individual Members: We are pleased to offer the WASLI 2015 General Meeting Package in order to help you prepare for the General Meeting on Saturday July 25 at 9 am at Istanbul, Turkey. If you are a National Association you are eligible to vote, if your association is paid member. As in other conference years, you will be allowed to join and pay the membership fee, if you can provide your constitution and/or bylaws for review.  If you … Read More »

Interpreter Guidelines for UN events

  Interpreter Guidelines for UN events "Whenever planning international events, all efforts should be made to communicate with the delegates well in advance in order to arrange the most linguistically appropriate services." Interpreter Guidelines for UN Events   … Read More »

Natural Disasters Document: WFD and WASLI

Communication during Natural Disasters    Document … Read More »

Winter 2015 Newsletter

Message from the President Conference updates. Successes in Viet Nam and lots more. Winter Newsletter   … Read More »

Resolution Linguistic Rights of the Deaf Moscow Russian Federation

RESOLUTION of the 2nd International Conference “Linguistic Rights of the Deaf” Moscow, Russian Federation, 20-22 May 2014 This Statement is available in International Sign at This Statement is available in Russian Sign Language at Full Text Document … Read More »

Conference of Interpreter Trainers

The Conference of Interpreter Trainers 2014 Biennial Conference Our Roots: The Essence of Our Future … Read More »

2015 Volunteers Sought

The Volunteer sub-committee is seeking applicants to fill various positions during WASLI 2015. We encourage people with diverse language backgrounds to apply and join our team. Volunteers Application Form   … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLi Day NINE!

          Day Nine: Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack We arrived at our destination in Phuket this afternoon; after eight  days riding and nine days after leaving Bangkok, we have completed our journey of 850kms. A challenge for the five of us and one that we all achieved successfully. What will be th e enduring memory? Probably the heat. The pain - in the legs, the back, the hands and the butt - will fade. What will remain is the setting of a goal … Read More »

Jack Rides for WASLI Day Eight

Day Eight: Jack rides for WASLI: From Jack: I have no idea how many donations have been made or how much has been raised during my bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket, but I hope friends and WASLI supporters are donating at Today was the penultimate day, a short ride of 90km to Khao Lak, which I thought we would have wrapped up between 08.00 and 11.00, but we took some diversions to the direct route, particularly to see the cemetery where the bodies of … Read More »